Alan Staab with family
Staab in classroom
Staab in office
Staab talking with veteran
“I have never been in politics. Instead, I’ve been devoted to my wife and raising a family, growing a business and building a community. The reason I have chosen to run for the State Senate now is simple. I know I can help."
Establish new sources of revenue without new taxes, consolidate duplicate services and shrink more
Develop a comprehensive educational strategy including higher funding levels, teacher retentions and recruitment... read more
Develop better ways of funding and do more to stop youthful offenders from taking the next step... read more
Be business "friendly", reduce job killing regulations while still protecting the public and the environment... read more

Staab is not a politician...

He has been a Tulsa business man for over 30 years. Creating jobs in oil and gas, real estate development and banking sectors plus involvement in numerous start-up companies. He also plays an active role in his family farm.

As a successful businessman Alan has given back to the Tulsa community with his time and resources. Alan serves on the board of several community nonprofit organizations and is actively involved with Catholic Charities, St. Gregory’s University and the Newman Center at the University of Tulsa to name a few.

Alan and his wife, Sharon, have been married for over 35 years and have three adult sons.

Oklahoma is facing an incredible budget short fall. Falling energy prices and policy decisions have adversely effected the state’s revenue collections. Alan wants to put his experience as a businessman to work for the citizens of District 39 and the whole state to find solutions to the challenges Oklahoma faces ahead.